Monday, 3 August 2015

CBD Adventures

Hi everyone - It's been too long! 

So much has happened since my last update - education, career, friends and goals! It would take me approximately 34398742 blog posts to cover all those finer details, so I won't get all into it today.

However, this is what I got up to last Sunday...

First Stop: Brunch at Devon Cafe with Carmen

Having not seen each other in a while, Carmen and I had a cute girls' pre-study/work lunch date at Devon Cafe in Surry Hills. As expected, there was a queue, but we were happily seated within 20 minutes.

Sadly I don't have any good quality photos to complement the blog, however I must say that their Breakfast with the Sakuma's and Orange Iced Mocha did not disappoint! 

Next Stop: Macquarie Place 

In attempt to get on top of uni assessments this semester, I paid Macquarie Place a visit in preparation for my Experimental Public Spaces course. This first homework task was to document and analyse the space in order to "truly" understand it. 

Next Stop: Museum of Contemporary Art

Let's just say I don't go to an art and design school for no reason...


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